Homes for Sale in Eudora, KS

Homes for Sale in Eudora, KS

A small town you'll love.

The city of Eudora is located in Douglas County, Kansas. Eudora is on K-10 about half way between Lawrence and Olathe. That makes Eudora a perfect community for those that want the small town feel, but want to have access to the amenities of the larger cities.

The city of Eudora has a rich history. Eudora played an important role in some of the biggest events in United States history. The area of Eudora was first occupied by the Kansa or Kaw Indian tribes. They lived along the banks of the rivers in the area until the 1820’s when they were removed by the United States government. Once they were removed the US government relocated the Shawnee Indian tribe and they lived in the area until the 1850’s when once again the United States government forcibly removed them from the area. Much of the land in the area was owned by a Shawnee Chief whose name was Pascal Fish, when the Shawnee were forced to move from the area he sold his land to German immigrants who named the community they built after Chief Fish’s daughter, Eudora.

Eudora is located in the area that the Oregon and Sante Fe trails pass through. It is also located in the area that touched off the Civil War. The citizens of the area witnessed numerous conflicts when the Bleeding Kansas era took place just prior to the Civil War. Once the war broke out many Eudora residents supported the Union effort, while some were directly involved in Quantrill’s raid in 1863.

Homes for Sale in Eudora, KS

If you’re looking for homes for sale in Eudora, KS, whether that be a ranch style home, a two story, a town house or even a home with acreage you’re bound to find what your looking for in this community. I am a local Realtor that can help you find what you’re looking for.

What you’ll find when looking for homes for sale in Eudora, KS is a community with a wide range of housing options. You can buy homes from under one hundred thousand dollars all the way up to close to a million dollars. Eudora is a community that has a lot of housing options and you’re bound to find a home that fits your needs.

Eudora is a town that has a wonderful mix of small subdivisions and neighborhoods, each with their own unique feel. Some of the subdivisions have recently been built and the building style reflects that. Yet other parts of Eudora have been around for decades and consist of many beautiful historic homes.  Without a doubt when looking for homes in Eudora, KS you’ll likely be able to find exactly what you’re looking for


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