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Olathe, Kansas

Learn everything you want to know about houses for sale in Olathe, Kansas. If you have questions about anything to do with the city of Olathe, whether that be local real estate, schools, or even things to do please get in touch with me. I have lived and worked in the Olathe area for the last 15 years.

The city of Olathe is located in southern Johnson County, Kansas. It is about 20 miles southwest of downtown Kansas City. Olathe ranks as the fifth largest city in the state of Kansas and boasts the highest population growth in Kansas over the last 10 years.

Olathe was first settled in 1857, it was named Olathe which is a Shawnee Indian word that means beautiful. The founder of Olathe, Dr. John T. Barton staked out two sections of land in the center of Johnson County to found the town.

Olathe was front and center during the Civil War era as groups from Kansas and Missouri clashed during the Civil War. William Quantrill and his militia raided the city in 1862, killing 6 men, while raiding many local business and homes, and destroying much of the city in the process. Confederate and Union troops frequently passed through the area during the Civil War.

Olathe was also a stopping point for many of the settlers heading west on the Oregon, Santa Fe, and California Trails. Many of the local business made the majority of their income from the travelers using those trails.

Olathe remained a small town until the 1950’s when the interstate system passed through, connecting Olathe to Kansas City via I-35. The new interstate system helped Olathe’s population growth tremendously from 1950 through today.

Houses for sale in Olathe

One of the biggest factors driving people to move to Olathe is the wide range of houses for sale in Olathe. When looking at houses for sale in Olathe you’ll soon see the area is very diverse. Residents mainly live in single family homes, but there are also many communities where residents choose to live in town-homes or duplexes. Houses for sale in Olathe are available that will fit into about anyone’s price range. Homes for the luxury buyer as well as homes on the other end of the real estate spectrum are often available for purchase.

The location of Olathe, and it’s proximity to Kansas City, make it an attractive area for families to live. With access to I-35 and I-435 residents can get almost anywhere in the Kansas City metro with relative ease.

Housing and Population Statistics

Olathe’s population has grown to approximately 134,234, ranking it as the 5th largest city in the state and the second largest city in Johnson County. The median age of residents living in the city is 33.9 which is lower than the median age for the rest of the Kansas City Metro.

There are currently just over 48,500 housing units in Olathe.

The average sales price for all homes in Olathe is $214,626.

The average sales price for new homes in Olathe is $368,911.

Residents have a median household income of $72, 449.

Olathe Schools


Education opportunities and proximity to quality schools is always important to people considering moving to an area. Olathe boasts one of the top school districts in the state of Kansas.

Olathe is home to:

33 elementary schools

9 middle schools

5 high schools

Kansas State School for the Deaf

Mid-America Nazarene University

The city is also very close to other universities and colleges including:

Johnson County Community College

Kansas City Kansas Community College

University of Kansas City Missouri

University of Kansas


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