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Tonganoxie, Kansas

The city of Tonganoxie is located in Leavenworth County, which is in eastern Kansas. Tonganoxie is about 25 minutes west of downtown Kansas City and about 40 minutes east of Topeka, the Kansas State Capitol.

Tonganoxie was established on July 21, 1866. The city gets its name from a member of the Delaware tribe that once resided in the area. Many of the Delaware relocated to Oklahoma, while some remained here. The town was named by European immigrants that named the town after a member of the Delaware tribe that had remained behind.  The member of the tribe was the local honorary chief. Many locals wanted to name the town after a local merchant, but she insisted that they name the town after Chief Tonganoxie instead.

Overall, Tonganoxie is a charming little town, and a great place to live and raise a family. Real estate agents in Tonganoxie understand the benefits of living in this terrific community. If you’re looking for houses for sale in Tonganoxie, KS, come and take a look you won’t be disappointed.


A Great Place for Families

As a real estate agent that works in Tonganoxie and the surrounding communties, I am regularly asked which towns in the area are best for raising a family. There are a lot of choices in the Kansas City Metro, but if you’re looking for a small town that will give you a sense of community Tonganoxie ranks toward the top of the list. With it’s affordable homes, great community amenities, and access to the Kansas City metro, you can’t go wrong choosing to live in Tonganoxie.

Part of what makes Tonganoxie such an excellent place for families is the numerous activities that are sponsored by the community. The Tongie Rec Commission offers a wide range of opportunities for children and adults. Children can participate including soccer, baseball, softball, and basketball. There are also clubs that sponsor wrestling, tennis, and track. If your child isn’t into sports the rec commission also hosts various activities that will help your child let their creativity out.

The fact that Tonganoxie has also recently built new schools including a brand new elementary school in 2015 also helps. The education of children in the community is of great importance, as evidenced by the work and effort put into the school system. With a great school system as well as various community activities, the town allows young people to grow to their fullest potential.

Beyond the schools in the community, Tonganoxie’s location also allows parents to  support their children even as they move into higher education. Tonganoxie is close to numerous universities and colleges. Nearby schools include the University of Kansas, Washburn University, Kansas City Kansas Community College, Johnson County Community College, as well as many other smaller universities and vocational training schools. Agents covering Tonganoxie understand these strengths when selling a home.

Finding the Right Home

When looking for houses for sale in Tonganoxie, KS, families have special requirements. They may want a ranch style home, a two story, a home with a three car garage, who knows. Regardless when looking for houses for sale in Tonganoxie, KS, I am very familiar with the requirements that a family may be searching for.  I am familiar with as a real estate agent that works in this area. If you are seeking to either start a family or take care of your existing family, I can help you find houses for sale in Tonganoxie, KS,  that will work for your specific needs. Finding a home for sale in Tonganoxie, KS, that fits your lifestyle and budget is an important process. I can help you find the exactly the right home for you. If you are looking to sell a home my marketing goes above and beyond what most agents in Tonganoxie are doing for their clients.


As of 2014 Tonganoxie had a population of 5,196. Tonganoxie has nearly doubled in size since 2000. The median age in the city is 32.5 years. 29.3% of residents are under the age of 18; 7.7% are between the ages of 18 and 24; 29.9% are between 25 and 44; 21.2% are between 45 to 64; and 11% were 65 or older.


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