My Story

My real estate journey began around 2006 after watching some of those popular DIY shows about flipping houses. Like many people back in those days I assumed that if those people on television could flip a house, I surely could too. In my favor was that I had previous remodeling experience working for my Dad and also a stint during college when I was hired by a property management company to do work on their rental properties. So I took a chance on my abilities and entered the real estate investing sector. I purchased my first property in Bonner Springs and got to work. I made basically every mistake in the book and soon realized that those shows on TV weren’t accurate. However with a lot of hard work and really late nights I was able to finish my first flip and sell it for a decent profit. Needless to say from that point on I was hooked on real estate. For the next few years I focused on flipping homes while eventually acquiring some rental properties as well. In 2015 in an effort to continue building my business I ended up getting my real estate license and I am now licensed agent in Kansas and Missouri. I have been working since 2015 as an agent that works with families looking to buy their dream home in the Kansas City Metro to working with investors that are looking to add to their real estate investment portfolios. As a Realtor and an investor licensed in both states I offer a wide range of services to my clients.

Services offered

  • I can buy your property – I deliver fast closings, as fast as 7 days, property condition isn’t important, in fact I love purchasing houses that need work. 
  • Realtor Services for investors interested in buying and selling  investment property.
  • Realtor Services for home owners interested in buying or selling their personal residences.
  • Advisory services for investors seeking to obtain properties in the Kansas City market, as well as discussing various methods of investing.

In short I am a local Kansas City Realtor that’s here to help. If your goal is to sell your property fast, buy the home of your dreams, or even just learn about investing in real estate give me a call, I’m more than happy to help with your real estate needs.